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Crimp Kit (72 Pcs.)


All that is needed to make custom length bait rigs, trolling rigs, trot lines, or stinger rigs. Great for salt or freshwater. Fish up to 30 lbs. 5.5" stainless steel multi-notch crimper plier with cutter and no-slip grips. 30’ of 30 lb. test...

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Angler's Choice

Fish Venting Tool


Safely vent air bladders of released bottom fish catches. The Angler’s Choice venting tool features a no-clog side vent needle to quickly release air bladder pressure from reef and bottom fish that have been brought to the surface faster than they...

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Lake Trolls Double Magnum Willow


These new double magnum lake trolls are the first on the market with two dual blades working as one unit. The double blade design creates more vibration, enticing more strikes. Available in brass or nickel plated.


Musky Willow Blades


Inhaler's willow blades come in 4 different colors. Great for building your own bucktails or spinnerbaits.

Angler's Choice

Soft Grip Fillet Knife W/Sheath


Soft touch no slip grip with lazer sharp stainless steel blade. High impact sheath fits belts up to 2" wide. Available in 6" and 9" models.

Angler's Choice

Venting Tool/T-Bar Rmvr/60" Tape Set (3)


Fish and game laws in many states require a venting tool and hook remover aboard every fishing boat. Tape measure for min/max keeper fish lengths. Staying compliant helps protect our sport. Kit includes a T-Bar Hook Remover, Fish Venting Tool, and 3'...

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