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Economy Spin Buzz Baits


Our economy buzz baits come at a low price but with very high quality components. These lures work great and are available in a number of different color patterns and two sizes.

Dixie Dancer

Dixie Buzz Dancer


The Dixie Buzz Dancer is a great buzz bait, shaped like a spinnerbait. Super smooth casting lure and will go through the water easily, creating a wake that will attract fish. This lure sports the famous Dixie Dancer trailer hook system. Available in a...

Dixie Dancer

Dixie Clicker Mini Buzz


A small 3" but very loud miniature buzz bait featuring a built in fish attracting aluminum clacker blade that hits against the 4 wing LEXAN blade when retrieved through the water. Can be fished slower than metal bladed baits. 3/16 oz.

Dixie Dancer

Dixie X-2 Buzz Bait


An awesome combination buzz bait with a small 4 wing LEXAN blade inside a painted 2 wing aluminum blade. Small blade turns clockwise, large blade turns counter clockwise simultaneously. The large blade is offset which causes the lure to shake, wobble and...