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Planer Boards/Trolling Accessories

Bo Slo Drift Anchor W/Tow Rope


Bo Slo Drift Anchors are double stitched, hand sewn from heavy duty cord enforced vinyl. The funnel shaped drift sock has a heavy nylon web wash thru hole with a collapse/tab loop at the small end. The large opening end has 3 heavy duty tow straps. Comes...


Planer Board Large W/Spring Flag System


Opti-Tackle's new large planer board has taken the industry by storm. Opti-Tackle was the first company to attach a working spring flag system right to the board so it works right out of the box. This large planer board is bright lime green for better...


Planer Board Medium W/Spring Flag System


These planer boards are great for trolling all your favorite lures or spinners. These medium sized boards are slightly lighter than other boards, creating less drag through the water. The bright lime green will really stand out. These boards come...


Trolling Line Copper "ready rigged"


Opti tackles "ready rigged" copper line is the easiest way to get into the copper line fishing craze. We do the work for you! This "ready rigged" copper is ready to wind onto you reel and fish. Comes in 30lb or 45lb. available in 300' spools.